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Rascal + Friends CoComelon Training Diapers

CoComelon Premium Diapers

Rascal + Friends CoComelon diapers are designed for serious performance. Made with feather soft materials, up to 12 hour leak protection and no nasties.

Limited edition CoComelon print available in sizes 3-6.

Rascal + Friends CoComelon Training Pants

CoComelon Premium Training Pants

Rascal + Friends CoComelon training pants are designed for little humans on the move. Made with an extra stretchy waistband, up to 12 hour leak protection and easy on + off design.

Limited edition CoComelon print availablein sizes 3-6.

Rascal + Friends Sensitive Wipes

Sensitive Baby Wipes

Our best wipe for sensitive skin, Rascal + Friends Sensitive Wipes are designed for a gentle & effective clean.

Made with a premium embossed cloth, zero nasties, and 99% natural formula to hydrate, soothe and protect skin.

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Rascal + Friends Easy Clean Wipes

Easy Clean Baby Wipes

Our everyday wipe for an effective clean, Rascal + Friends Easy Clean Wipes have you covered.

Made with an ultra-strong cloth, zero nasties, and 99% natural formula, our extra-value pack comes with up to 72 more wipes. Featuring JJ from CoComelon!

No Nasties

It’s our simple way of saying that our products are made with none of the bad stuff – they don’t include any harsh chemicals, latex, lotions or fragrances.

Instead, we use feather soft materials, water-based inks and are dermatologically certified to be safe and ultra gentle on sensitive skin.

We’re serious, you won’t find any nasty ingredients hidden in our products!

No nasties, just love.

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We're Proudly Certified

Over 10,000 5-star reviews

"Wish I knew about them sooner"

"My baby has eczema, other diapers gave her rashes until I tried this one. Now she gets upset if I put a different brand on her. Wish I knew about them sooner, but they're soft compared to most diapers and absorbent! We love them."

- Felicity, Canada

"Free of chemicals!!!"

"These are the best diapers we have ever used. The others never held overnight and ever since we have Rascal we don't have problems anymore! And the best thing is that they are free of chemicals!!! Thank you!!!"

- Sa, Switzerland

"I have decided to make the switch!"

"I just recently got a box of your diapers! For over a year we have stuck with a different brand having them shipped to our home every 3 weeks. But after having my son wear Rascal + Friends, I have decided to make the switch. Wish I knew about them earlier and so glad they're affordable."

- Shannon, USA

"I will never go back"

"Before I tried R+F I was using other leading brands. Since switching to R+F I can safely say I will never go back to the other brands. They have no odour, they hold up against my heavy wetter, and they are so cute. I believe I've made the right choice for my little one, you should try them too!"

- Saffie, Singapore

"Safe on my son's rash"

"These have made a world of a difference for my son. We used other wipes for over a year before buying a 3 pack of Rascals to see if it would help the persistent diaper rash, and within 2 days, the rash had cleared up. Plus I don’t use nearly as many as I did of other brands to get the job done."

- Kathryn, Canada

"No more rash, best diaper ever"

"When my son had hit size 5 diapers, he was getting a rash with other diaper brands I was using. I tried a whole bunch of diaper creams and nothing worked. I switched to Rascal + Friends and have never gone back. No more rash. No leaks. Best diaper ever."

- Steff, Canada

"No leaks!"

"The ONLY diaper my boy has never leaked through (even overnight!) and has never had a rash from! Love our Rascals."

- Imogen, USA

"Never encountered diaper rashes again"

"My baby had a severe case of contact dermatitis at 2 weeks. Found out about Rascal + Friends being soft and safe on sensitive skin so decided to give them a try... we have not gone back! My baby's skin improved and 3 months into using R+F, we never encountered diaper rashes again. Plus my baby has never leaked during a 12-hour sleep. We love R+F!"

- Sarah, New Zealand

"Never leak through the night"

"For real! Rascal + Friends is a bedtime life saver! I know my son will never leak through the night. Unlike the other diapers we have tried!"

- Leah, Canada

Why Rascals?



Every parent needs a diaper that can handle the realities of messy life (we get it, we’re parents too!) That’s why we spent years engineering what we believe are the best baby products around. Made with seriously good features, our premium diapers and sensitive baby wipes have you covered for life’s messiest moments.



We take care of the mess so you can better enjoy the rest. Our products are certified by the world’s leading organisations to guarantee they’re free of all the bad stuff, and safe on rascal skin. Whatever your parenting journey looks like and however you choose to parent, we’re here for you.



Let’s be honest. Real parenting life isn’t like the baby ads. It’s not all well-organised domestic bliss and sometimes, we just don’t have it sorted. Which is why we keep it real at Rascal + Friends. We call it like it is and talk about the things we’re all trying to figure out together. We’re honest, upfront and always have your back.

Not sure if you should make the switch?

Our Try us Love us guarantee means that if you buy Rascal + Friends premium diapers for the first time and don’t love them, we’ll provide a replacement or full refund.*

Try us, Love us! *T&C’s apply

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